Film Festivals and Screenings

Queens International Film Festival
Best International Short Film (Nominated)
New York, USA
November 2008
Filmstock International Film Festival
Luton, UK
November 2008


Cinecity Film Festival
Brighton, UK
November 2008


Festival of Fantastic Films
Manchester, UK
October 2008


Bootleg Film Festival
Glasgow, Scotland
September 2008
Swansea Bay Film Festival
Best Film Under 35 Mins (Nominated)
Swansea , Wales
June 2008
International Film Festival England UK
Tamworth, Staffs
June 2008
Short Film Corner, Cannes International Film Festival
Cannes , France
May 2008
New York International Film and Video Festival
Best International Director of a short film (Winner)
Best Actor in a short film (Winner)
Best International Short Film (Nominated)
New York, USA
March 2008
Cannes in a Van Film Festival
London , England
June 2008
European Independent Film Festival (ECU)
Paris , France
March 2008
Renderyard International Film Festival
London, UK
Screening in London and Spain as part of the opening Gala Night
March 2008
2nd London Filmmakers’ Convention
Special Mention as a ‘Highlight of the festival’
London, UK
December 2007
Portobello Film Festival
London, UK
August 2008
Feira Hype at the Goethe Institute
Salvador, Brazil
September 2007
Special Screenings:
Press and audience screening as part of the re-launch of the notorious Compton Club cinema in central London, 8 th April 2008

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