None of my poetry has yet been published (save for a couple of pieces in the Tate Staff Newsletter in 2008). Below are three pieces of somewhat rough poetry.


A repetition – repeats,
Synchronious heartbeats,
As I believe again –
In a love – yet to win.


Words fluctuate – it’s true,
Push and pull – all I do,
As I seek to unearth –
Your love – my girth.


Your touch – my nerves,
My innocence – your verve,
‘til all I wish – in vain,
Is lost –
Repeat –
© AR Woodruffe 2011

Something tugs – at my elbow,
A sense of what – I cannot tell,
A word of warning – this evening,
A section – a brief sting,
And gone.

My love is true – as it can be,
Your love is what – I cannot see,
It lies behind curtains,
Cries so uncertain,
My light and my feeling,
So long.

The cry of a baby,
So yearned I cannot see,
The pain that is caused,
By love,
No recourse,
To fix this pain –
Find life again,
Find hope and joy,
Donate the toys –
For another baby – another family,
Another life – that might just be –
Your choice.

© AR Woodruffe 2008

The Cats Mother

The voice was the same – as I fell,
Laughter tells –
My humiliation – at six months old
Without attention –
Unable to stay awake.

My face hits sauce –
And laughter beckons  –
Holding court – I join in remembrance
With a memory still fresh –
A mind still sure – of what went before
Mine developed.

And I recall –
A caravan at gardens’ end,
As Nana stood, and Nana tended
–    to our knees and messy faces
brussel sprouts – horse radish sauces

Grandy fixed another a beer –
Another wine – another for,
Family members at the door
With Christmas gifts – all waiting for
A roast – a Roast.

Out came the table  –
With much fussing –
As she held court
And we went running

Until she called us all back in –
To the roast – to feast again,
’til Grandy went to play –
We softly went our separate ways
To our homes – to other games
Some so near – some far away

And four of us drove through the night,
A winding road,
Fading delight,
Our comfort disappeared – with the Bear and Ragged Staff.

© AR Woodruffe 2007

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