Marathon Training Weeks 8 – 11 Sponsor Time!

Weeks 8 to 11 of the training have continued to go well, but boy I’m getting a bit fed-up! I like running, but fitting in 4 or 5 runs a week with an extra long one on a Sunday just takes up so much time and effort. Very much looking forward to getting past the marathon when I  might go for a run if I feel like not because it’s part of any damn training. Still, tapering just around the corner – nearly there!

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Week 8

Only the four runs this week, after the big Brighton Half-Marathonr run. Taking it a little easy in the week as I led-up to extending my run to 17 miles on the Sunday. A good run, spreading myself out to Crystal Palace park this weekend. Very chilly again over the hill, but glad of my new running gloves to keep my hands warm. 17 miles in 2 hours 40.

Week 9

Getting as fed-up with the cold as I am with the number of runs. Another four runs leading up to another longer run on the Sunday. A nice easy run followed by two intense speed workouts. Slight issue with the 10 mile second speed running as my right calf tightens up. Still two hours left of the run, so slow down toward a jog and take it easy as I get into work. Take it easy for the next couple of days and it’s long run day again! Another extension on last week, this time 21 miles. My, it’s starting to hurt! Now extending my run to include numerous parks and cemeteries in South London. In Crystal Palace park I have my first experience of what might just be the ‘wall’. Slow down for a mile or so, but still manage to end with a bit of speed over the last mile. Don’t move for the rest of the day. I’d like to, I just can’t.

Week 10

Meaning to do 5 runs over these weeks, but have fallen into a more comfortable 4 a week. One short, slow and easy, one hills run, and one longer speed run. All went well this week in the lead up to another long run. This one pushing toward 22 miles, but when I get back it seems to be 23.5 miles. It’s cold a bit snowy and I reckon the weather is affecting my gps watch. Why? According to my watch I was consistently running at a pace of 2 mins 30 seconds per mile….after 20 miles. I’d like to believe I was running in world record pace (and frankly should’ve been at the Olympics), but probably not. Checking the map of my run proves it: all over the place. Calculating my actual route I still covered 23 miles. Felt tough, though not as bad as last week. Take a moment to ponder the increase in miles. Four weeks I’d not run over 10 miles. I’ve more than doubled that and only three miles away from Marathon distance! 43 miles for the week.

Week 11

One more week toward tapering. I can’t wait. My weekends have been reduced to food shopping, chores and stuffing my face with carbs on Saturday, long run and resting on the Sunday. Wednesday sees a half day working at home, half day off. Take the opportunity to do some intervals around Dulwich park, but not after running up a few hills. It snows along the way, a full-on blizzard. Get myself lost in Dulwich wood before enjoying some fast intervals in the park. Unfortunately I tweak both achilles. My warm down slow job back is a little painful. So much so I decide to stop and walk back (very comfortably). Plenty of ice on both and some rest over the next few days and I’m okay for the Marathon pace 18 miler on Sunday. I’ve worked out my mile-milestones along my route so I’m less reliant on my gps watch this week. Another chilly Sunday. 19 miles later I’m home in 2 hours 20 minutes, on target for 3 hours 30 minutes. Run a bit quicker than intended, and it was hurting at the end, but in pretty good shape with one more 22 mile run to come before tapering.

Current stats:

Distance: 306.75 miles

Average Pace: 08:16

Calories burnt: 31250

Ascent/Descent: 9751ft / 10945ft

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