Marathon Training: Almost there……..(stay on target)

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Tapering has gone well, no injuries appearing, niggles remaining niggles, but nothing to be too concerned about. Quick enough training runs to reconsider my target and aim for 3 hours 25 minutes.

Unfortunately the much needed sunshine and warmth has finally arrived just a few days early for me. Out of nowhere Race Day looks set to achieve a fairly toasty 17 degrees. I’ve not run a long way in anything above 1 degree (and that with a wind-chill). Time to move that target finish back a bit.

It’s been a pretty long process, over 400 miles and many hours of running over the past four and a half months. A few things I’d differently if I do it again. Join a running club to have a little social interaction while I run, running alone all this time has been pretty lonely and left me pretty low at times. The flip side of course has been the major rush after running for several hours. Something I hope to enjoy again sometime around 12:30 or 13:00 this Sunday afternoon….as long as nothing goes wrong in the next couple of days of course. Almost there.

Stats to race day:

Distance: 407.89 miles

Hours: 55 hours 1 minute

Average Pace: 08:16

Calories burnt: 39257

Ascent/Descent: 125661ft / 13828ft

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